Town vs Country Styling

Town vs Country Styling

Town and Country - it’s always presented as an either/or isn’t it, like the eternal cat vs. Dog debate?

There will always be people firmly in one camp or the other and we are 100% here for that (all our products have been rigorously tested in the field so they are country-girl approved!) but the standard story goes that you can’t possibly like both, that you have to choose which ‘side’ you’re on. What if you like aspects of both?

At King & Carr we don’t want you to feel forced to pick a side; we create pieces that can easily take you between the two worlds of town & country, because who wants to have to buy (and who has the funds for?) two completely separate wardrobes, one for town and one for country?

We’ve spoken before about how we passionately believe in helping women feel their best selves through wearing clothing that both flatters and gives confidence. The standard approach to country clothing has, so far, been termed “shrink it and pink it” i.e. take a piece of clothing designed for a man, cut it down to fit a woman’s size, and offer it in a more ‘girly’ colour. While we should absolutely have clothing available in more traditionally feminine colours (it’s about choice after all…) don’t we also deserve pieces specifically designed for our shape too?

By extension, don’t we also deserve well-made, comfortable clothes that are both pretty and practical enough to be worn every day, that work equally well across all the roles we modern women find ourselves in? At King & Carr we design our pieces with exactly this sort of multi-tasking in mind, and we’re confident you can mix and match any of our pieces with things you already own to create stylish looks for a whole range of activities!

Here are some outfit ideas to get you started, but we’d love to see how you style your King & Carr items!


Country - for a day with the guns, or just that long dog walk:

Norton Shirt

Tweed Skirt

Waxed/shooting jacket (it’s Britain, it’s probably cold and probably about to rain)

Your favourite country boots/wellies


Town - for a potter round the shops or a stroll/lunch with friends:

Norton Shirt

Skinny jeans (dark wash)

Tweed blazer/leather biker jacket

Ankle boots

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