Why do we 'make it British' at King & Carr?

Why do we 'make it British' at King & Carr?

Living wage paid – no sweatshops, slave (or almost slave) labour, no potential links to organised crime, full transparency of the manufacturing process (invited to the factory to have a tour and meet the workers making your King & Carr pieces). Using the finest natural fabrics for our bestselling shirts, all sourced in the UK from a supplier that also supplies Jermyn Street shirt makers – only the very best for you!

Other items are also sourced exclusively from UK suppliers, supporting our economy, and providing employment while at the same time meaning you won’t have to wait so long for your items as they’re coming from within the UK, not from thousands of miles away on a ship or plane (hooray for the environment!). Using eco-friendly buttons made from milk proteins – at the end of it’s (hopefully long and adventure-filled) life both your shirt and the buttons that fasten it will break down organically if you choose to throw it away rather than recycle it.

We do our homework on our suppliers, who all offer full transparency into their manufacturing process, to make sure their standards match up with our focus on ethical production and the creation of pieces that meet our incredibly high standards.

There is a financial cost to all this – yes the items could undoubtedly be made less expensively abroad, and some brands have decided to go down this path, but as mentioned above it’s important that King & Carr practices what we preach – ‘buy British’ – and this extends from finding manufacturers for the brand into everyday life to the food choices we make.

Creating unique designs for you also comes with its additional costs, as we aren’t buying selected designs from a wholesale supplier of clothing that is themselves ordering in bulk from manufacturers overseas and supplying other brands too.

Our designs are only available at King & Carr, so you can be confident you’re getting a luxury piece that has been designed just for you!

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